Negros Top Communist Leader captured in Laguna

at About 10:00 AM of March 22, 2019 in the Morning a Rebel Returnee and was a former member of NPA (New People’s Army) proceed to this office and reported that his former group member was staying in a certain house at Brgy Calumpang Liliw Laguna.  one FRANCISCO FERNANDEZ y Obeda @FRANK at CLEOFE LAGTAPON y Sabadisto @GUIA and was a high ranking officials of CPP-NPA-NDF (Communist Party of the Phillippine- New People’s Army- National Democratic Front) that has standing warrant of arrest in a case of Murder issued by RTC Branch 60 Cadiz City dated September 19, 2012 issued by HON JUDGE RENATO O MUÑEZ criminal case #4311-0.

 That this office conduct casing, surveillance together with the Armed Forces of the Philippines at Brgy Calumpang Liliw Laguna, to prove this report we validate it by asking the nearby houses and Brgy officers and base to their revelation there was a suspicious People that was living on their place. Three (3) people occupying a old house; one (1) old man, one (1) old woman and one (1) woman age more or less twenty years old (20 y/o) with suspicious moves that when they were going out and going back  to their house they always bring with them big Backpacks that was full and they was living in that house more or less for three (3) months, and often times some strangers with Big Backpacks will come to their house and will leave without more ado;

 Based on the information we gathered we informed it to our Chief PMAJ RYAN JAY E ORAPA, and based on that we validated to our informant a former associate of them that the, one (1) man and two (2) woman living on at that house were. FRANCISCO FERNANDEZ y Obeda @FRANK, CLEOFE LAGTAPON y Sabadisto @GUIA and GE-ANN PEREZ y Cañedo @ANGIE;

 After we collect all the information and coordination to other units and agencies, the time was 05:00 AM of March 24, 2019 we proceeded to the place where our informant was and a composite with direct Supervision by PMAJ RYAN JAY E ORAPA a Team Led by PMSGT ROGEL ALDABE (P/PSGT JAY B SAYSON, P/CPL GEORGE A OCAMPO, P/CPL ERNAN MACABURAS, PATMN ALFRED ABLES and PATMN ROBINSON MANAIG IOC) will be designated as the team to serve the warrant together Brgy Elected Officials members of Laguna Provincial Intelligence Branch, Armed Forces of Phillippines and Liliw Municipal Police Station make a final briefing; 

 That on or about 05:15 AM of the same date we arrived to Brgy Calumpang Liliw Laguna and proceeded to the house, as we approach to the house we notice that the front door was slightly open and we decided to open it, as we open the door we saw a man standing inside the house standing that we identified FRANCISCO FERNANDEZ y Obeda @FRANK pulling a gun inside a brown sling bag and we shouted “Pulis kami, Dapa!” and we entered the house, the first room that with we entered there was a (2) two woman CLEOFE LAGTAPON y Sabadisto @GUIA with a blue bag and GE-ANN PEREZ y Cañedo @ANGIE holding a handgun and wearing a blue (backpack). All of them were apparently  leaving the house;

 After that I (P/PSGT JAY B SAYSON) them that we are serving warrant of arrest against FRANCISCO FERNANDEZ y Obeda @FRANK and CLEOFE LAGTAPON y Sabadisto @GUIA for the case of MURDER issued by RTC Branch 60 Cadiz City dated 19th  of September 2012 by Judge Renato O Muñez, after that we informed their rights Miranda Doctrine and Anti torture law;

 Further preventive search was conducted and P/CPL GEORGE A OCAMPO, P/CPL ERNAN MACABURAS and PATMN ALFRED ABLES recovered the following;

  • Three (3) short fire arm .45 caliber pistol;
  • Three (3) .45 magazine;
  • fifteen (15) .45 ammunition;
  • three (3) hand grenade
  • one (1) brown sling bag
  • two (2) blue back pack
  • one (1) blue bag
  • Articles, documents and notes.
  • Thirty (36) cell phones
  • Ten (10) Flash Drives
  • One (1) laptop MACBOOK
  • One (1) tablet
  • Two (2) Micro SD
  • Three (3) simcard